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By Amy Jones

“Amy Jones has written a stunning tale that reveals not just the cracks in a family’s foundation, but the ties that bind them together too. By turns hilarious and melancholy, We’re All in This Together is a heartfelt tour de force. Go ahead. Just try to put it down.”
Terry Fallis, author of The Best Laid Plans and Poles Apart

“Amy Jones makes me laugh. Her captivating book, the entire byzantine history of a modern family distilled into one feverish weekend, will do the same for you. A multi-voiced choir of crazy birds all singing their own tune, We’re All in This Together makes real music.”
-Marina Endicott, author of Close to Hugh

“Count the Parkers among the great families in literature. We’re All in This Together is a pyrotechnic celebration of the ‘crazy chaos’ of the modern family that will have you laughing and weeping with recognition on every page. Amy Jones writes with lightning bolt prose and an uncanny insight into the joys, grudges, regrets, and sacrifices that make any family who they are. Behold one of the best young writers in this country working at the top of her game. I simply could not stop reading this book.”
–Michael Christie, author of If I Fall, If I Die

Cover_We're All in This TogetherWE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER is an entertaining, witty and wise debut novel that puts the “fun” back in “dysfunctional family” in the tradition of such smart, comic dramas as Kevin Wilson’s The Family Fang and Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You.

A woman goes over a waterfall, a video goes viral, a family goes into meltdown – life is about to get a lot more complicated for the Parkers. Set over the course of four calamitous days, We’re All in This Together is a big-hearted and beguiling first novel that follows the Parkers’ misadventures as catastrophe forces them to finally start acting like a family.

Like all families, the Parkers of Thunder Bay have had their share of complications. But when matriarch Kate Parker miraculously survives plummeting over a waterfall in a barrel — a feat captured on a video that goes viral – it’s Kate’s family who tumbles into chaos under the spotlight her internet fame shines upon their private crises. Her prodigal daughter returns to town. Her 16-year-old granddaughter gets caught up in an online relationship with a man she has never met. Her husband sifts through a marriage to search for what sent his wife over the falls. Her adopted son fears losing the only family he’s ever known. Then there is Kate, who once made a choice between a life of adventure and one of stability, and now fears her advancing dementia will rob her of memories from when she was most herself. Entertaining, witty, and wise, Amy Jones’s irresistible first novel tells a timeless story about finding your own place in the world, even if that means going home.


McClelland & Stewart, Canada, June 2016

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