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By Elizabeth Pisani

“In this lucid, colourful, insightful and impatient work, Pisani asserts that current world efforts on AIDS have been wrongheaded. An utterly fascinating book, written with enormous verve and acerbity, the prose alive with anecdote and metaphor. An adolescent delight in vivid sexual description is forgiven in the sweep and force of the narrative. A great read.”
Globe 100 Best Book


Pisani_The Wisdom of Whores

This sure to be controversial book addresses how sex and drugs have turned the global epidemic of HIV into a billion-dollar-a-year industry. Epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani takes a no-holds-barred approach to finding out exactly why 40 million people are living with HIV and 28 million have already died of AIDS when we have the knowledge, the money, and the means to wipe out the disease in 90 percent of the world. She makes a convincing argument that the measures needed to control the disease are not impossible, just unpopular. “It would mean spending lots more of the available money on prostitutes, addicts, and gay guys, and lots less on school kids, pregnant women, and church groups. It would mean making fun things (sex, drugs) safe, instead of trying to make safe things (abstinence, monogamy) fun.”

“Savvy epidemiologist Pisani takes an eye-opening look at who gets AIDS how, when and where… [The Wisdom of Whores] delivers a strong, well-told and believable message.”

“Pisani’s… achievement is to make epidemiology both accessible to the lay reader and as fascinating as it deserves to be”
The Telegraph

“…an admirable lightness of touch…”
The Mail On Sunday

“a great read, straight to the point, data-based, sometimes fun, but always informative”
Democratic Daily

“…highly readable.”
The Financial Times

“…an important and a wise book.”
The Sunday Times

“[Pisani’s] a card-carrying, intellectual number-crunching boffin nerd. But – and here’s what makes the book a good read – Pisani is a charismatic, fun-loving, intellectual boffin nerd, full of joie de vivre and the ability to turn a rip-roaring good story.”
-Rachel Holmes, The Times

“Highly recommended…”
Library Journal

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