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By Andrew Pyper

“An emotionally supercharged, darkly atmospheric novel in which the protagonist’s anguish is almost palpable…In an industry that is increasingly acknowledging and embracing exceptional mystery and thriller authors from all over the world…Pyper is at the forefront. The profound and poetic beauty of this novel is in its understated complexity. Equal parts adrenaline-inducing thriller, redemptive spiritual journey, harrowing survival tale, and unlikely love story, The Wildfire Season deftly weaves symbolism and allegory into the narrative to create a profoundly moving work of literature that succeeds on numerous levels. Highly recommended.”
The Barnes & Noble Review

“Andrew Pyper’s rich new novel possesses all the attributes of the wildfire it describes — headlong momentum and harrowing surprises. It is a rarity, a literary page turner, a bracing mix of physical adventure and astute psychological portraiture.”
-Guy Vanderhaeghe, author of The Last Crossing and The Englishman’s Boy


Pyper_Wildfire SeasonThe Wildfire Season is set in a distant outpost in the Yukon, buried deep within the last true wilderness of the North American continent. Both adventure and quest for belonging, the novel weaves three storylines – an ill-fated grizzly hunt, an uncontrollable forest fire ignited by human hands, and wrenching yet ultimately triumphant love affair – into a flame capable of both healing and scarring, turning some into heroes and others to ash.

“Pyper is the Great White North’s answer to America’s Michael Connelly. The big difference between the two? 1) Connelly has written eight times as many books, and 2) Pyper’s new novel is better than most of them…With The Wildfire Season, Pyper takes a lit match to the emo-thriller formula and sends it up in smoke faster than flash paper…Literate, raw…searingly poetic. He succeeds in tracing the life-span and aftermath of tragedy…plumbing depths not normally explored in your average mystery novel.”
San Diego Union-Tribune

“Excellent pacing and credible characters…Pyper writes beautifully about the splendor and dangers of the wilderness..”
Publisher’s Weekly

“This novel’s on fire…Andrew Pyper knows how to whirl a complex plot into motion…but exceeds the demands of the suspense-thriller genre.”
The Globe and Mail

“The Wildfire Season is a terrific descriptive look at the dangers of the wilderness used as great background to a fine thriller. The fire scenes are superbly described so that the audience will feel the heat and peril facing heroes…A tense, graphic tale that hooks readers from start to finish.”
Midwestern Book Review

“Pyper’s ability to juggle multiple characters along with breakneck suspense is certain to keep readers on the edge of their seats. The Wildfire Season is a thriller that no reader can afford to miss.”
The Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA)

“In this powerhouse of a book, Pyper offers the reader one hell of an adventurous tale… At times beautiful and poignant, at others brutal and fierce, this one has all the necessary aspects needed to enthrall the reader from beginning to end. This stunning book of beauty and boldness should not be missed.”
-New Mystery Reader

“A brilliant melding of mystery, suspense, survival…It’s an irresistible force…A balance between narrative urgency and literary quality is hard to strike, but Pyper makes it look easy. It’s powerful, absorbing reading from one of Canada’s finest young writers.”
The Vancouver Sun

“An edge-of-your-seat thriller.”

“Stampeding narrative urgency…A fierce morality tale.”
The New York Times

“* * * * [Four stars out of four].”
-Vrij Nederland (Holland)

“Outstanding…Pyper’s pacing is impeccable. A captivating book.”
The London Evening Standard (UK)

“The suspense is unremitting…Utterly gripping…The Wildfire Season is a great read.”
Winnipeg Free Press

“Pyper proves to be a wickedly funny and astute observer of the human condition…The Wildfire Season is moving and utterly convincing.”
Edmonton Journal

“Andrew Pyper has talent galore and sure hands, ratcheting up the suspense to the very end.”
-Stewart O’Nan, author of The Good Wife


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A Globe and Mail Best Book (2005)

A Vancouver Sun Best Book (2005)

A Calgary Herald Best Book (2005)

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