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By Alison Pick

Pick_The Sweet Edge

The Sweet Edge is award-winning poet Alison Pick’s first novel, about a young couple who lead separate lives one summer in order to figure out their relationship. While Ellen works through the muggy days in a trendy Toronto art gallery, her boyfriend Adam embarks on a solo canoe trip into the Arctic. Pick ingenuously structures the novel so that the two characters alternate chapters and points-of-view: first we’re inside the young woman’s head, in the sweltering city and its vividly drawn art-world enclave; then inside the young man’s head as he goes dangerously deep into the wilderness. We watch Adam’s and Ellen’s impressions of their partnership, and the world around them, gradually change until the end of the novel, when their worlds — and changed world views — suddenly and dangerously collide.

“Fabulous . . . This is one well-rendered book. In fact, it’s almost perfect. Pick can write — and her aesthetic sensibilities are intelligent, intense and passionate . . . This is not ChickLit. The Sweet Edge is much more complex than bubble gum-tinted pulp. There are no diet tips or Hermes bags. This is a realistic portrait of female doubt and insecurity, and it has teeth.”
Toronto Star

“Alison Pick’s first novel, The Sweet Edge, is gorgeous. It’s also strange and funny and terribly sexy. It’s poetic without being turgid, topical without being trite, and peppered with lively pop-cultural touchstones you never trip over. The plot – lovers on the cusp of breakup each separately contemplate the things that have divided and could conquer them forever – is involving and fresh.”
The Globe and Mail


Raincoast Books, Canada, September 2005

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