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By Nicholas Ruddock

“The Parabolist is an inventive, poetic, and thoroughly wonderful book. It lays claims on murder mystery and literary fiction, and satisfies the reader with the best pleasures of both.”
-Vincent Lam, author of Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures

“With dazzling skill, Ruddock blends his intricate knowledge of medicine into an exciting, compelling, and expertly layered mystery.”
-Anthony Da Sa, author of Barnacle Love

Ruddock_The Parabolist

Introducing Nicholas Ruddock and The Parabolist—a pyrotechnical, comical debut about love and longing, medicine and literature, murder and mystery.

Part comedy, part mystery, The Parabolist is a searingly smart and funny novel about murder, sex, the medical establishment, poetry and vigilante justice on the streets of Toronto in 1975.

Told through interlacing narratives, the story funnels towards the eye of an unsolved crime: on a rainy summer night, a woman is raped and very nearly murdered, but for the intervention of two drunken vigilantes who kill her attacker before fleeing the scene. The only clue the police have about their identities: a slab of Crisco shortening found on the victim.

This is a satirical, whimsical, dangerous and tender story of earnest youth and their ardent desire for love, acceptance and fulfillment.

“Packed with smarts, wit, and the spirit of Roberto Bolaño,The Parabolist envisions Toronto as an antic place full of characters willing to go to the brink for good sex, good love or a good poem. This big-brained, warm-hearted debut was a joy to read right up to its bold conclusion.”
-Kyo Maclear, author of The Letter Opener

“The Parabolist has a strong pulse that will keep your heart beating until the end.”
The Globe and Mail

“…The Parabolist more than satisfies. Readers will likely find themselves completely caught up in the events of the book, its language and its architecture. It truly is a thing of beauty.”
Vancouver Sun

“Passionate, offhand, deeply charming and deeply original, The Parabolist is a fabulous gift to Canadian readers.”
-Damian Tarnopolsky, author of Goya’s Dog

“Befitting of Ben Elton or Nick Hornby, yet with a literary sensibility entirely its own… a rivetting yet bloody mystery… there’s a creative new voice on the CanLit horizon…”
Guelph Mercury

“What is it with doctors turned brilliant writers? From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Anton Chekhov, there has been a curious knack. In Canada (and alive) we have Vincent Lam, winner of the 2006 Giller Prize for Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, and now Nicholas Ruddock, who has created a playful, literary mystery that will satisfy crime buffs as well as the literati.”
Winnipeg Free Press


Doubleday Canada, Canada, February 2010


Nominated for the 2011 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Crime Novel

Shortlisted for the 2011 Toronto Book Award

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