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By Stephen Finucan

“The Fallen is a wonderful tale, a story that could only be set in a city that is an open secret, and that city is Naples. Best of all, it is a novel that knows the difference between putting too much faith in people, or too little.”
-Peter Oliva, author of The City of Yes and Drowning in Darkness


Finucan_The Fallen

In the winter of 1944, the newly liberated city of Naples has become an ever more dangerous place. Among those charged with maintaining the military security of the city is a young Canadian, Lieutenant Thomas Greaves. Greaves seems naive at first, but it soon becomes clear that he has demons to exorcise and that he sees his time in Naples as the opportunity to make amends for a tragic mistake made on the battlefield. But his plans go awry, and Greaves lands in the murky world of gangsters and black marketeers.

“In The Fallen, Stephen Finucan has recreated 1944 Naples with an historian’s fidelity; but Finucan is foremost a gifted storyteller, and it is his depiction of a moral man’s plight in an immoral world that makes this novel such a compelling and rewarding experience.”
-Ron Rash, New York Times bestselling author of Serena

“The Fallen is resonant and immediate. For all that it resides in history, it speaks a lesson that we do not seem able to remember. ”
The Globe and Mail

“The Fallen feels broad and ambitious – but never overarchingly so, which is why it works so well. Finucan, who has previously published two story collections, has done his homework on a compelling period in history, but he wisely resists any temptation to flaunt it.”
The Toronto Star

 “Finucan has written a rare thing in Canadian literature: a novel in which the tension arises from a deep moral core. As the novel builds toward its climax, it takes on a near-Shakespearean quality: the reader wonders which characters will survive to the final page, and which will perish because of the poor choices they’ve made. Finucan’s style is nearly flawless, and his research into 1944 Naples impeccable. There are no rough edges here: every meticulously gathered detail is integrated seamlessly into his excellent prose.”
Quill & Quire


Penguin, Canada, August 2009


Longlisted for the CBC Canada Reads Best Books of the Decade (2010)

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