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By Marty Chan

Chan_Ehrich Weisz Demon Gate

When young Ehrich Weisz — the future illusionist, Harry Houdini — follows his brother, Dash, through a strange portal, he is thrust into an alternate New York where the immigrants aren’t just different ethnicities but different species. He finds work in this strange steampunk world as a Demon Hunter, tracking down dangerous otherworldly visitors that threaten the city’s safety, while hiding his own foreign origins. A curious medallion, his only clue to finding his brother, leads Ehrich to a mysterious woman caught up in interdimensional intrigue, and he must learn who to trust as he unravels the truth if he ever wants to find his way home.


Fitzhenry and Whiteside, North America, October 2013


Nominated for the 2014 Aurora Award for Best English YA Novel

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