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By Timothy Caulfield

“An entertaining and thought-provoking exposé of many of the beliefs that some of us hold dear. Caulfield is firmly from the evidence camp of science and his writing is highly critical of the many and varied myths so abundantly promulgated by magazines, newspapers and self-help books”
The Winnipeg Free Press


Caulfield_The Cure for Everything

“Eggs are bad for you” was once the conventional wisdom. Now, eggs are healthy.

Just a few years ago hormone replacement therapy was viewed as the treatment of choice for post-menopausal women. Then it was viewed as a cancer risk and, as a result, fell off the therapy radar. Now, a more balanced view is emerging – it’s appropriate for some women.

Health science is everywhere. But what should we do with all this information?  Can we really use it to live a healthier life?  What information can we trust?

The Cure For Everything is a personal and professional search for good, trustworthy, science – a search for stuff that actually works. But it is more than a simple quest for answers, it is an exploration of where health information comes from, how it is produced and, perhaps most important, how it is communicated.

While science is everywhere, the scientific information that passes through most people’s field of view (usually via the media) is often wrong, hyped, or twisted by an ideological or commercial agenda. And without good scientific data, bad decisions are made – by doctors and governments and by you and me.

The Cure For Everything both clarifies the picture and explains the forces that obscure. It strips away the hype and the agendas to reveal the good evidence. It provides practical advice (and warnings) for those wishing to navigate the barrage of facts, findings and fears associated with emerging health technologies, drugs and health prevention strategies.


“Gently and with humour, Caulfield guides readers through the funhouse world of health sciences with an openness and spirit of inquiry sometimes missing from the arsenal of eager myth-busters in the debunking genre”
National Post

“The results are fascinating and his light-hearted writing makes this book really accessible.”
-CBC RadioActive’s Laurie Greenwood


Penguin, Canada, 2012

Beacon, US Spring 2012

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