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By Ian Colford

Colford_Crimes of Hector Thomas

Enrique Tomás lives a quiet life with a large, loving family in a large South American country. But Enrique has secrets. When his second eldest son, Hector, and Hector’s beloved friend Nadia uncover one of Enrique’s secrets, the course of Hector’s life is irrevocably altered. Exiled by his parents to the isolated countryside, Hector is accused of terrorism—a crime for which he is innocent, yet ruthlessly punished. As he tries desperately to extricate himself from the violence perpetrated by a brutal political regime, he realizes that freedom can only come at a terrible price.

The Crimes of Hector Tomás is an epic novel about disappearance and deception, family and nation. Enrique, Hector, and Nadia become victims of their own choices as they helplessly make confessions, concessions, and commitments in pursuit of resolution—and retaliation.

The Crimes of Hector Tomás brims over with confident momentum; not a word or a scene arguably feels out of place.”
National Post


Freehand Books, Canada, October 2012