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By Mark Sinnett

“This book is for those who want thoughtful prose and fallible characters with their plot… A reader of any age will find lots of action in The Carnivore on which to gnaw.”
Globe and Mail

“A cleverly constructed and evocatively written novel.”


Sinnett_The Carnivore

When Hurricane Hazel tore through Toronto on October 15, 1954, it left its mark on both the city and its inhabitants. In the aftermath, a young cop named Ray Townes emerges as a hero—numerous accounts detail the way he battled the raging Humber River to save those trapped in their homes—and his story is featured prominently in the newspapers, thrusting him into the spotlight as a local celebrity. Meanwhile, his wife Mary is wrestling with doubts about her husband’s heroism. While performing her own miracles the night of the storm as a nurse at a mud-filled, overcrowded emergency room, Mary met a woman—disoriented and near death—with a disturbingly peculiar recollection of events. While Mary tries to shake her suspicions about Ray as they rebuild their life in the shell-shocked city, she can’t help but wonder about her husband and that fateful night.

When a reporter comes knocking 50 years later to revisit that horrendous night, the truth begins to surface and threatens to destroy them.

“One of Canada’s hottest new writers.”
The Ottawa Citizen

“Mark Sinnett is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the Canadian literary scene.”
The Danforth Review

“Sinnett, also an award-winning poet and a story writer, has done his homework in preparing for The Carnivore, and he’s executed it with a palpable relish”
The Toronto Star


ECW Press, Canada, September 2009


Longlisted for the 2010 ReLit Awards

Winner of the 2010 Toronto Book Award

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