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By Mark Sinnett

“A first-rate thriller that is a breathless ride from start to finish. It is edgy without pretension, gritty and, ultimately, a good little adventure… [with] a cunning storyline and compelling characters.”
Edmonton Journal

“Border Guards is an extraordinary story told cleverly and with panache by one of Canada’s hottest new writers.”
The Ottawa Citizen


Sinnett_Border Guards

A stunning debut literary thriller of Russian diamond smugglers, American FBI agents and an innocent Canadian caught in their deadly game.

Tim Hollins wants to know who his father really was. Although his death was officially declared accidental there are still too many unanswered questions, and suddenly too many dead bodies, piling up around the memory of Michael Hollins.

John Selby, the reluctant agent for the Border Vigilance Commission ā€” an offshoot of the FBI dedicated to ferreting out potential terrorists and smugglers along the Canada-US border ā€” is now enmeshed in a deadly undercover operation and he too would like to know who Michael Hollins really was.

Adams Denver, however, knows exactly who Michael Hollins was. The cocky hired gun and one-time British soccer hooligan is on clean-up duty shivering through a Thousand Islands winter, there on the instructions of his Russian mobster boss, Nikolai Petrovitch. And as each one uncovers a piece of the Michael Hollins puzzle the picture becomes ever more complex. Was Michael Hollins smuggling diamonds for Petrovitch? Whose side is art dealer and former John Selby girlfriend Hanne Kristiansen really on, or is she simply a mule for Petrovitch? Will Tim Hollins be the last man standing in what is quickly turning into a violent game of elimination?

The Border Guards is a cinematic story of grit and violence, of corruption and betrayal bloodying the pale chill of a Toronto winter and the frozen, still waters of the Canadian wilderness.

“[A] subtle work, a thriller of nuances, trace glances, melancholy and loss.”
January Magazine

“Entirely compelling and nightmarishly absorbing, The Border Guards is acutely slick, deftly poetic, as striking as a sliver of ice in the heart.”
-Lynn Crosbie, author of Mean Boy


HarperCollins Canada, March 2004

Grasset & Fasquelle, France

Droemer Knaur, Germany

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