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By Nancy Lee

“In The Age, Nancy Lee has created a world of contradictions for our times: thoughtful terrorists, naive cynics, children as parents, girls who dream as boys. In sharply poetic prose, Lee delineates a world of gorgeous horrors and eerie loves.”
-Annabel Lyon, author of The Golden Mean and The Sweet Girl


Lee_The Age

Nancy Lee burst onto the scene with a much-talked about short story collection, Dead Girls. The Age is her dazzling and eagerly anticipated debut novel that puts an entirely fresh spin on coming of age.

Set in Vancouver in 1984, as Soviet warships swarm the Atlantic, the story revolves around a teenage girl in the aftermath of her father’s desertion of the family. Fierce, rebellious, independent, Gerry’s vulnerability also shines through as she struggles with where she belongs, as well as with her sexual identity. Buffeted by her grandfather, an eccentric ex-news anchor, and sometimes by her friend Ian, Gerry increasingly reverts to her own imagining of a post-nuclear dystopia until a collision of events in both worlds forces her to make a life-and-death decision in each. The Age is a piercingly observed, achingly poignant journey through adolescent recklessness and desire and confirms Nancy Lee as one of Canada’s most thrilling and compelling new fictional voices.

“Nancy Lee’s The Age is a stunning novel, written in exacting prose. Not a word is out of place in this tense, affecting and extremely relevant story. It gripped me from the first page to the last, and has stayed with me in the way that only a truly great book can do.”
Steven Galloway, author of The Cellist of Sarajevo

“This is a daring, ambitious and original novel whose atmosphere lingers long after the story ends.”
The Globe and Mail

The Age is a powerful, often disturbing, read… utterly transfixing. It’s a fundamentally human novel, unflinching from the darkness, both outside and within.”
Vancouver Sun

“…think of Doris Lessing’s The Good Terrorist, John le Carré’s The Little Drummer Girl. To their company can now be added Vancouver writer Nancy Lee, whose new novel takes that already potent brew and adds something just as fraught in its own way: the land-mined landscape of the teenage girl.”
Montreal Gazette


McClelland & Stewart, Canada, Spring 2014

Ambo Anthos, Holland

Buchet-Chastel, France

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