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By Trevor Kew


For Vicky Parker, life has never been better. Despite mom’s new boyfriend (ew!), Vicky and best friends Parm and Marjan seem to be shoo-ins for the soccer team and the chance to play in the tournament — in England! But friendships turn into rivalries as the pressures of tryouts get to be too much, and a charming grade twelve boy takes an interest in Vicky instead of Marjan. How far are the girls willing to go when the competition heats up? And is a trip (and a boy) worth the sacrifice of a teammate and a best friend?

Sidelined is an excellent example of a transitional novel with crossover appeal. Soccer fans, reluctant readers, and just about everyone else will enjoy this short chapter book. Young people with a range of ethnicities will relate to the multicultural cast of characters. Teens who enjoy romance will delight in the love triangle of Vicki, Marjan and Neville. Both genders will feel the adrenaline rush of the soccer games and feel empathy for the awkwardness of meeting your mother’s new boyfriend for the first time. Even for those that do not regularly purchase series titles, Sidelined deserves a place on your bookshelf.  Highly Recommended.”
CM Magazine 


Lorimer, September 2010

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