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By Susan Delacourt

Delacourt_Shopping for Votes

An insightful and provocative look at the inside world of political marketing and its impact on democracy.

Inside the political backrooms of Ottawa, the Mad Men of Canadian politics are planning their next consumer-friendly pitch. Where once politics was seen as a public service, increasingly it’s seen as a business, and citizens are the customers. But its unadvertised products are voter apathy and gutless public policy.

Susan Delacourt takes readers into the world of Canada’s top political marketers, from the 1950s to now, explaining how parties slice and dice their platforms for different audiences and how they manage the media. Provocative, incisive, and entertaining, Shopping for Votes is The Age of Persuasion meets Harper’s Team.

“This may well be one of the most important and revealing books about Canadian politics written in some time. Delacourt does what Delacourt does best — breaks down the mystery and leaves you saying “Now I get it.” If you’ve ever wondered why political parties do what they do when they shop for your vote, the answers are on every page. It’s an inside look at how the marketing of Canadian politics has got to where it is, warts and all. And as this book makes abundantly clear, there are a lot of warts!”
-Peter Mansbridge


Douglas & McIntyre, Canada, Fall 2013


Finalist for the 2014 Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction