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By Ken Finkleman

Finkleman_ Noah's Turn

From the creator of the groundbreaking series The Newsroom, a black comedy about literary rivalry turned deadly.

Noah’s Turn is the darkly humorous story of Noah Douglas and his consuming envy of a much more successful friend. Adrift in life at the age of forty-one, Noah slides deep into a pit of his own making, alternately drinking, smoothtalking an elderly aunt he hopes will leave him money and sleeping with whoever will have him. He’s also lost his job and his wife. But at a pivotal moment he crosses the line between ordinary human weakness and outright depravity when he murders his successful friend with a machete. Noah must deal with the mental and moral fallout from the murder, for which he feels surprisingly little remorse and appears not to be even a suspect.

Fast-paced, funny and laced with sharp observations on vanity and hubris, Ken Finkleman’s Noah’s Turn is a short masterpiece.

“Very dark, very funny, very Finkleman.”
Winnipeg Free Press

“[A] considerably quirky novel that combines all the wit Finkleman honed writing scripts for such films as Airplane II with deep thoughts inspired by a quick reading of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment.”
-John Barber, The Globe and Mail

“An impressive debut.”
National Post


HarperCollins Canada, Fall 2010