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By David Mulroney


Mulroney_Middle Power Middle Kingdom

China’s rise is having a direct impact on our prosperity, our health and well-being, and our security here in Canada. The road to achieving many of our middle-power aspirations now runs through the Middle Kingdom.

We need to start paying closer attention, says former ambassador David Mulroney. China has become our second largest economic partner, not as important as the US is, but far bigger than all the rest. Canada exerts a magnetic pull on Chinese tourists and students. It’s also a popular destination for Chinese home buyers in search of a new life or simply looking for a safe place to park money. An assertive China is challenging the balance of power in the Pacific, and it is more than willing to reach across borders, including Canada’s, to steal technologies and to confront challenges to its ideology.

We must do better. David Mulroney is uniquely positioned to discuss this issue as the former ambassador to China, and as a leader in forming a successful strategy in Afghanistan. He discusses what our challenges in Afghanistan were and how we eventually got it right, and how these lessons can be applied to the future challenges of China, and beyond.

Cutting right to the heart of the issue, Middle Power, Middle Kingdom is an intimate account of how foreign policy works, and how policies must be changed if Canada is to prosper.

“A winningly human account of a diplomatic life.”
– Toronto Star

“Mulroney, the Canadian ambassador to China from 2009 to 2012, provides a personal understanding and deep knowledge of this complex nation based on his long history of diplomatic work in the region. His observations about his relationships with Chinese officials are both candid and informative.”
– Publishers Weekly


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Penguin, Canada, March 2015


A 2015 Globe and Mail Best Book