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By Russell Smith

“His restless intellectualism, his muscular prose and his signature wit make him the auteur de mode for the club crowd and fashion literati alike… Men’s Style abounds with captivating and original insights… Whimsically illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham, Men’s Style is both a practical guide for the elegant man and a cultural survey of fashion and trends. It is even more entertaining as a collection of Smith’s seductive prose and his often hilarious observations about the urban landscape. Beau Brummell would be proud.”
The Globe and Mail


Smith_Men's Style

Men’s Style is a personal and knowledgeable compendium of tasteful advice for the thinking man on how to dress and shop for clothes in a world of conflicting fashion imperatives. This sophisticated and witty book by the popular Globe and Mailcolumnist combines nuggets of history and the sociology of masculine attire with a practical and supremely useful guide to achieving an elegant and affordable wardrobe for work and play.


“Flippantly brilliant.”

“Witty and informed.”
International Herald Tribune

“It is the book for the guy that walks into a party, surveys the room and knows that he’s in the Advanced Class because an underlying intelligence has informed his sartorial point of view–that a sartorial philosophy unites his haircut to his shoes. That’s Smith’s world, and it can be yours, too.”

When I first picked up the latest version of Russell Smith’s Men’s Style: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Dress, I mistook it for, well, a fashion guide for men. It is certainly that. . . but it is also much more. It’s a history of fashion . . .It’s personal. . . It’s literary. . . It’s philosophical. . . Most of all, it’s elegantly entertaining. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the book. . .But the book reads more like a novel than an actual guidebook–Smith’s sartorial madness reminds me more than a little of Humbert Humbert. I may not be a convert to Smith’s cause, but Men’s Style has, well, style.”
The Province

“Men’s Style is a lively, witty yet sensible primer designed to educate North American men of all ages out of their obedience to narrow-minded and outmoded perceptions of maleness. . . The book is packed with helpful tips on how to dress well, and fascinating insights into the historical evolution of men’s grooming–it’s an essential for any partner who’s had to dress their man.”
Vancouver Sun

“Personal, knowledgeable and full of tasteful advice.”


McClelland & Stewart, Canada, Fall 2005

Thomas Dunne Books, US, April 2007

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