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By Jessica Grant

“This often hilarious story [My Husband’s Jump] struck the jury as virtually flawless. We agreed that there wasn’t a word more or less than required. Jessica Grant’s skillful and playful language gave wings to the story and carried us away.”
-Journey Prize 2003 Jury

“…her fictional world is ominous and sensuous. Grant’s stories possess voices that are musical, darting and yet insistent; they map odd romances with understated language and cool-eyed wit.”
Oberon Press


Grant_Making Light of Tragedy

An effervescent and achingly funny debut collection from the winner of the 2004 Journey Prize.

Not many books live up to their titles as perfectly as Making Light of Tragedy, a debut collection of stories from Journey Prize-winner Jessica Grant. Taking the title as a theme, these stories spin endless variations on it, peeking into all manner of disasters and catastrophes, personal, political, and spiritual crises, and laughing madly all the way.

Can a story be both a shrug and a prayer? Can it punch you in the arm because, hey, it is only joking, and the next minute fall at your feet, cling to your knees, beg you to listen? Sure. The stories in Making Light of Tragedy are arrogant and uncertain. (This is not a contradiction.) They make no apologies for poor taste, or the occasional rhyme, but they do make a few demands. These include:

Let there be light. Let there be no more epigraphs. Let the ski jumper take off. Let him never ever land. Let us cut limbs, when necessary. And the word count too. Let this be true. Let one person speak the truth. Let Peter Mansbridge be the ghost of Christmas future.

In this first collection by Journey Prize-winner Jessica Grant, you’ll find twenty-three bite-sized stories, with guest appearances by Holt Renfrew’s daughter, Chantal Hébert, Napoleon, the Management, the Senior Climatologist, the Dean of Humanity, Jon Bon Jovi, Virginia Woolf and God.

“Jessica Grant flies under the radar of realism to find targets worth writing about. These stories are profound, magical and true to life. Nothing seems impossible. It’s good to be reminded of that.”
-Michael Winter, author of The Big Why

“Making Light of Tragedy sparkles with interesting forms….observant, playful and empathetic…a promising debut.”
Quill & Quire

“Making Light of Tragedy sparkles with interesting forms….observant, playful and empathetic…a promising debut.”
Quill & Quire

“Every image detonates, every word crackles. Grant’s writing is whimsical, sophisticated, and brand spanking new. This book [Making Light of Tragedy] sizzles. It’s hot.
-Lisa Moore, author of Alligator

“She stood up and read this story, and it was like she’d descended from heaven.”
Brick Books


Porcupine’s Quill, Canada, Fall 2004

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