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By Marty Chan

“Taking inspiration from the tale of the djinn, Chan offers characters of depth and a plot that’s both compelling and accessible in a small number of pages. His short paragraphs and clear sentence structures make the text attractive to struggling readers, while the subject matter will prove interesting to many preteens and early teens. A hint of identity struggle enriches the text while cliffhangers maintain the book’s forward momentum.”
Kirkus Reviews

book-keepers-of-the-vault-fire-and-glass“Your wishes are my command…”

A fourth floor that is only pretending to be a storage space, stairs that lead to an abyss, and a Goth djinn stalker with an attitude who likes to play with fire…

As if life wasn’t hard enough for Krystina Mah being the new kid in school.

The adventures of the Keepers of the Vault are just beginning.


Clockwise Press, Canada, April 2016

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