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By Laura Keogh and Ceri Marsh

Keogh AND Marsh_How to Feed a Family

The Sweet Potato Chronicles blog tells the never ending story of the well-fed family. SPC was created by Laura Keogh and Ceri Marsh, two successful fashion magazine editors who were looking to make some big changes in their lives. From stilettos to spatulas? Pretty much. But just because they’d taken themselves off the cocktail circuit in favour of making healthy dinners for their families, didn’t mean they were ready to embrace frozen chicken fingers and boxed mac & cheese. Sweet Potato Chronicles delivers recipes, nutrition information, parenting strategies, product reviews and celebrity interviews. They address their audience of sophisticated, urban adults in a manner they appreciate: served with style and humour.

They aren’t chefs, they’re a couple of busy parents who, like the audience, want to do the best they can when it comes to food and family. They’re in it with their readers. Ceri and Laura believe in getting kids involved in the kitchen, making real food not “kid food” and sitting down as a family (iPhones off the table, please). Does it always go like that? Only in their dreams!

How to Feed a Family is more than a collection of recipes. Parents want to know what to cook but they also want to know how to cook: Or rather, how to make it all happen in T-minus 12 seconds. The book weaves together great ideas for healthy meals with time-saving strategies, how to stock a pantry to make you more nimble at meal times, with meal planning and nutrition information in a format that’s truly useful.


Random House, Canada & US, Fall 2013

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