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By Claudia Dey

“The lessons… are more than just kernels of wisdom offered up by a well-meaning author. Dey did her research. How To Be a Bush Pilot quotes hundreds of bona fide babes on their preferences and their experiences, thereby creating a type of Our Bodies, Ourselves specifically for men… Dey seems genuinely committed to helping men develop in terms of both skill and self-image. She is like a wise older sister who wants the best for you even if she does occasionally put you into a headlock and rub your skull really hard with her knuckles.”
The Globe and Mail


Dey_How to be a Bush Pilot

Loaded with hair-metal references, wide right jokes and an absolute refusal to be boring or earnest, How to Be a Bush Pilot reads like Tina Fey channeling Dr. Ruth. Spanning from remedial education to moves that will educate even the savviest Wilt Chamberlain, this book is flight school for the modern playboy and sexual adventurer.

Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man introduced women to the messy yet simple realities of how to please a man. Now comes How to Be a Bush Pilot — a master class for men in becoming the lover that every woman wants but doesn’t know how to ask for. It’s for readers of The Game who now find themselves at home with their doe-eyed vixens, wondering what on Earth to do with them. It’s for readers of How to Make Love Like a Porn Star who were hoping for instructions. And it’s for the girlfriends and wives reading over their shoulders.

In a book that is fearless, playful and always commanding, yet never intimidating, Claudia Dey uses female insight to turn mere men into that elusive master of the bedroom: the Bush Pilot.

“How To Be A Bush Pilot offers a veritable treasure trove of useful advice on everything from lubes to cock rings to rear entry and (as they say) much more. But the real triumph of this book is the voice. Dey has not only resurrected her ‘bossy madam in a men’s locker room’ persona, but perfected it; her voice offers a beguiling combination of expertise, camaraderie, affection, and – perhaps most importantly – humour…. [A] book that’s destined to sit on the bedside tables of a new generation of red-blooded men. Even the design of the book seems tailor-made for this purpose; it’s a handsome volume with the appearance of a vintage manual, but one that’s been updated for the 21st-century man.”
Toro Magazine

“Playwright, novelist and one-time relationship columnist Claudia Dey assumes the role of naughty drill sergeant, grabbing eager pupils by the you-know-whats and leading them through an exhaustive course in sexual prowess for the modern man. Armed with an arsenal of puns and penis euphemisms, Dey provides cheeky diagrams, romantic mix tape suggestions and X-rated anecdotes. Follow­ing a multiple choice exam at the end, all that’s left to do is prepare for, ahem, blast off.”
Toronto Life

“This hilarious how-to for men is a field guide for ‘getting luckier’. Claudia Dey does not hold back here, so if you are looking for ways to ensure the woman (or women) in your life are satisfied, or if you know of a man who could use a guide, this is the book for you.”
Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll: Top 10 for the Scandalous Reader

“A playful yet professional, risqué yet respectful, guide to relationships and sex.”
The National Post


HarperCollins Canada, October 2010

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