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By Jowita Bydlowska

“Being Guy felt horrifically natural, as if he stepped right out of my own debased, politically incorrect sex fantasy. This book is un-put-downable, full of sly modern details that made me laugh and grimace right into the twist ending.” – Miranda July  

 “GUY is devastating and hilarious. It’s brutal and destructive and life-affirming. It’s a must read. Jowita Bydlowska isn’t just one of this nation’s bravest writers, she’s one of our best.” – Joseph Boyden author of The Orenda

“I love the way that she approaches prose – I think it’s really beautiful.” – Lena Dunham, creator and star of Girls

image001Guy is a successful talent agent who dates models, pop stars and women he meets on the beach. He’s a narcissistic, judgmental snob who rates women’s looks from one to ten; a racist, homophobic megalomaniac who makes fun of people’s weight; a cheating, lying, manipulative jerk who sees his older girlfriend as nothing more than an adornment. His only real friend, besides his dog, is a loser who belongs to a pick-up artist group. Guy is completely oblivious to his own lack of empathy, and his greatest talent is hiding it all…until he meets someone who challenges him in a way he’s never been challenged before. Darkly funny and utterly offensive, Guy is a brilliant and insightful character study that exposes the twisted thoughts of the misogynist bro next door.


Buckrider Books, Fall 2016

Wolsak & Wynn Canada, Fall 2016

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