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By Derek Lundy

“Godforsaken Sea is an extraordinarily well-told story, detailing every imaginable facet of the boats, the conditions, the history and the sailors who face this extremity of human endurance. It is a humbling, exhausting, necessary book.”
The Times (London)

“A gripping and poetic evocation of the terrible and seductive power of the sea…Like a skilled novelist, Lundy brings…thrilling episodes alive with his unerring eye for telling detail and a deft touch at pacing.”
The Independent on Sunday


Lundy_Godforsaken Sea

In the tradition of Into Thin Air and The Perfect Storm, an intensely gripping account of the round-the-world single-handed yacht race that claimed the life of Canadian sailor Gerry Roufs in a make-or-break dash through 12,000 miles of terror in the Southern Ocean.

“[Lundy’s] obvious affection for the men and women who risk their lives in what is an obsessive sport produces a series of warm biographies which are both informative and alluring. Non-fiction it may be, but it contains all the tension of a thriller.
The Independent (Book of the Week)

“Godforsaken Sea is one of the best books ever written about sailing…Lundy, a gifted Canadian writer and amateur sailor, tells the story of the 1996-97 Vendee Globe. It gives the readers the adrenaline rush of what Lundy calls “apocalyptic sailing.”
TIME Magazine

“A mixture of history, gripping narrative and provocative meditation.”
The New Yorker

“This is both an excellent and timely book.”
Library Journal

“Derek Lundy writes elegantly with an ice-cold style that scares you even more because he never raises his voice.”

“Dramatic – Powerful – Remarkable … Derek Lundy’s riveting and wonderfully expressive chronicle – is also a compelling example of creative non-fiction at its best.”
The Ottawa Citizen

“Superb and engaging.”
The Globe and Mail

“Riveting, often frightening – Godforsaken Sea digs into the psychology of extreme sports…Lundy tries to understand why these men and women do what they do [and] recreates the moments when their self-control is overwhelmed by chaos.”
The Toronto Star

“Will excite the imagination of armchair adventurers and sailors of all stripes.”
The Halifax Daily News


Knopf Canada, Sept. 1998

Anchor, UK, 2000

Random House, US, June 2000

Delius Klassing Verlag, Germany, August 1999


#1 Bestseller

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