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By David Adams Richards

“As a storyteller, he has a better ear for speech patterns, a better eye for details of dress and manners, and a more realistic feeling for the effects of physical and emotional deprivation than any contemporary”
The Globe and Mail

“Author David Adams Richards is regarded as a rare voice of moral and spiritual certainty in the Canadian literary scene, rejecting the postmodern ambiguities of most of his fellow novelists and earning comparisons to Hardy, Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy”
The Toronto Star


Richards_God Is

David Adams Richards, one of Canada’s most beloved and celebrated authors, has been wrestling with questions of faith and religion ever since he was a Catholic child— a struggle that has constantly informed his work as a writer. Now the man who has been described as “Canada’s Tolstoy” sets down his beliefs in his most personally revealing work.

For David Adams Richards, the presence of God cannot be denied. For him, God is. Richards is certain that many of those who lazily espouse atheism also know the presence of God, though they deny it to everyone—including themselves.

The title of his new book is an affirmation of God’s existence but also stands as a reply to Christopher Hitchens’ assertion that “God is not great.” A polemic and a memoir, God Is charts with passion and subtlety the author’s rocky relationship with his cradle Catholicism, his battle with alcoholism, his encounters with men who were proud to be murderers, and the many times in his life when he has been witness to what he unapologetically calls miracles.

The unique voice of David Adams Richards has never been so powerful—or so universal.

“Richards has a knack for surprising fans with the unexpected, but his latest book is like a bolt from the blue”
The Telegraph-Journal

“David Adams Richards holds a peculiar place in Canada’s literary pantheon. Going by honours and recognition, he’s an insider’s insider … But in just about everything truly important he’s as outside the tent as can be”

“A gut-wrenching psychological journey into his own heart”
The Vancouver Sun

“Richards fearlessly weighs in on the side of a greater being’s spiritual reality. It’s a healthy antidote to the know-it-all… Dawkinses and Hitchenses of this world. Better still, he’s even angrier than either of those famous atheists.”
NOW Magazine

Read an excerpt of the book in The Globe and Mail.


Doubleday, Canada, August 2009



Shortlisted for the Atlantic Independent Booksellers’ Choice Award

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