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By Michael Crummey

“Dazzling… Crummey’s prose is glorious throughout, unflinchingly honest and unsentimentally magical… Newfoundland author Crummey’s award-winning third novel… affirms that our lives are always astonishing. It’s been justly compared to Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. It also calls to mind Graham Swift’s Waterland and Alexis Wright’s Carpentaria, as well as William Faulkner’s epic Compson novels, and will appeal to readers who enjoyed those works.”
Library Journal (starred review)



Sprawling and intimate, fantastical and true, Galore is a novel about the power of stories to shape and sustain us. It is Michael Crummey’s most ambitious and accomplished work to date.

An intricate family saga and a love story spanning two centuries, Michael Crummey’s new novel is a portrait of the improbable medieval world of rural Newfoundland, where the line between the real and the otherworldly is impossible to distinguish. A mute and naked stranger arrives in Paradise Deep in the belly of a whale. A widow’s family is haunted by the curse she placed as a young woman on the local merchant. A defrocked priest takes extraordinary measures to exorcise a murderer’s ghost. A charismatic political reformer with a devastating secret sets out to save the country from itself.

Set in a realm somewhere between the stark coastal landscape and a world of superstition and myth, Galore is alive with singular characters, political and emotional intrigue, and uncommon insight into the complexities of human nature.

“Michael Crummey’s Galore is a fabulous, fable-filled ball of yarns such as I’ve never encountered before. Tall, but plausible tales, odd, eccentric but weirdly familiar characters, dialogue straight out of the mouths of outport Newfoundlanders, historicized fiction, fictionalized history—it has, as its title suggests, a super-abundance of good things. This is art, but not art full of solemn, self-importance. Galore is artfully, and seriously, entertaining.”
-Wayne Johnston, author of The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

“[Galore] seamlessly weaves brutal realism and the fantastic together with flawless prose….Crummey is an acclaimed writer in his native Canada. While three of his books have been published in the United States to some critical praise, this is the book that will win Crummey a permanent place in American readers’ hearts. With Galore he has done something much more besides writing a compulsively readable book. He has created an unforgettable place of the imagination. Paradise Deep belongs on the same literary map as Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha and Garcia Marquez’s Macondo.”
Boston Globe

“Word for word, page for page, and chapter for chapter, Galore is magnificent. Crummey has cast his net wide and hauled in a vivid, glorious catch.”
-The Guardian

“It’s an incredibly difficult task to make characters such as these work as human beings as well as elements of folklore, and Crummey does it with as much skill and grace as Gabriel Garcia Márquez does in One Hundred Years of Solitude… Michael Crummey is without a doubt one of Canada’s finest writers.”
The Globe and Mail

“…pitch-perfect, boisterous…The language of Newfoundland is a poetic gold mine and Crummey has made full use of it… Galore is an endearing romp. For the language alone — and there is so much more — I loved the book. May Newfoundland English never die.”
-Katherine Govier, National Post

“This economically told epic is masterful, written by a man with enough confidence to let his readers interpolate the meaning not only of certain words, but entire character arcs.”
Toronto Star

“Galore is an absolute pleasure. In Crummey’s capable hands, the setting breeds magic… A complex narrative that feels effortless, yet is woven so tightly that the magnificent artistry of its creator cannot be ignored.”
The Walrus

“Crummey returns readers to historic Newfoundland in his mythic and gorgeous latest, set over the course of a century in the life of a hardscrabble fishing community. Crummey lovingly carves out the privation and inner intricacies that mark his characters’ lives with folkloric embellishments and the precision of the finest scrimshaw.”
Publishers Weekly

 “Ghosts, gangsters, mermen and a Christ-like healer who emerges from the belly of a beached whale are among the attractions in a boisterous, one-of-a-kind folk epic about feuding intermarried clans in Newfoundland…the singular world [Crummey] creates is special…A lively, eccentric, mythmaking novel.”

“The novel sizzles with an edge of the fantastic… Capturing the speech and temper of a primitive world, and communicating it perfectly, the writer delivers a masterpiece.”
ForeWord Reviews

“A feat of Newfoundland-style magic realism.”
Vanity Fair (a Hot Type pick)

 “Crummey’s expansive yarn begins mysteriously, when a mute albino is pulled from the belly of a whale, and ends when the albino’s descendant, several generations later, plunges into one. Between lies the folkloric history of Paradise Deep, a Newfoundland fishing community composed of ‘implacable barrens and bushland and bog,’ the life of its inhabitants all ‘salt and drudge.’ Though encompassing ghosts, curses, a girl with webbed fingers, and prematurely geriatric children, Crummey’s story resolves into the tale of two intertwined clans, the Sellers and the Devines, one the political patriarchs and the other endowed with, Crummey insinuates, a touch of magic. In lilting prose, he shows us how, even as the settlement develops, its founders are ‘erased from the world one generation at a time, like sediment sieved out of water through a cloth.'”
New Yorker

Like the two-faced ocean they pull their living from, Crummey’s characters in this multi-generational unwinding are icy and surprising. The denizens of Paradise Deep and its neighboring town, the Gut, end up as twisted as the wind-tortured trees, making for a quirky quilt of personalities that might remind a reader of Annie Proulx’s The Shipping News.”
-Washington Post

Galore is a fascinating folk-history of a place I previously knew nothing about, but it’s also damned enjoyable to read. I only hope Crummey will ultimately receive the attention he deserves here in the States, whether with this novel or his next.”
Full-Stop (Blog)

“Like the rugged and rocky landscape of Newfoundland, Galore isn’t easy to navigate (thank goodness for the family tree), but the rewards for persistence are breathtaking.”
DCL Bok Chat (Blog)

Galore is not a happy book, but an amazingly powerful read. I highly recommend that you do just that.”
Frozen Yozgurt (Blog)

“Crummey’s language is poetic, lush, [and] full of colorful dialect. This is a book to savor. You won’t want to miss any of its delights: the tightly braided narrative skeins, the pathos and humor of the characters, the exotic flavor of a long ago time and place where everything ‘seemed too severe and formidable, too provocative, too extravagant and harrowing to be real.’ ”
Star Tribune

“Readers who like their literary bleakness flash-frozen will find pleasures Galore.”
The Christian Science Monitor

 “a glittering, fabulist tale”
LA Times

“Scarcity and suspicion grow with each passing generation. Reminiscent of the work of Jean Giono, particularly Joy of Man’s Desiring, and Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate, Galore is a tale in which humans are confronted with the miraculous; some rise to the occasion, others squander the possibilities.”
Louisville Courier-Journal


Doubleday, Canada, September 2009

Boreal, Quebec

Other Press, US, April 2011

Constable & Robinson, UK

Neri Pozza, Italy

Wydawnictwo Wiatr Od Morza Michal Alenowicz, Poland

Storytel Poland, Poland



Winner of the 2010 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best Book (Canada/Caribbean)

Shortlisted for the 2011 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award

Finalist for the Governor General’s Award 2009

Winner of the Canadian Authors Association Literary Award

Shortlisted for the Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award

Finalist for the 2009 Winterset Prize

Shortlisted for the Atlantic Independent Booksellers’ Choice Award

Globe and Mail Best Book of 2009

Longlisted for the 2010 CBC Canada Reads

Amazon’s 2011 Best Books of the Year So Far

Kindle 2011 Best Books of the Year So Far

Kirkus Reviews 2011 Best of Fiction

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