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By Karen Le Billon

“This book is not only about how to teach children (and yourself) to eat well and happily for life, it’s a book about how to help build and maintain the foundations of any civilized society. I loved it. Essential reading, whether you have children or not.”
-Laura Calder, author of Dinner Chez Moi and host of French Food at Home


Le Billion_French Kids Eat EverythingMoving her young family to her husband’s hometown in Northern France, Canadian Karen Le Billon expected some cultural adjustment. But she didn’t expect to be lectured for slipping her fussing toddler a snack—’a recipe for obesity’—or to be forbidden from packing her older daughter a lunch in lieu of the elaborate meal on the school menu. Given the fussy habits of her daughters (both picky eaters), she is intrigued by the fact that French children happily eat everything: from beets to broccoli, salad to spinach, mussels to muesli. And she is fascinated to discover that child obesity rates in France are a fraction of what they are in North America.

Le Billon soon begins to see the wisdom in the common sense ‘food rules’ that govern how the French foster healthy eating habits and good manners in babies and children. Some of the rules are controversial (like the rule about ‘no snacking,’ to which the French rigidly adhere), and call into question not only North American eating habits, but also our parenting styles. Other rules evoke common sense habits that we used to share, but have somehow forgotten in this era of ‘unregulated eating.’ Taken together, the rules suggest that we need to dramatically rethink the way we feed children, at home and at school.

With her (at times unwilling) family, Le Billon tests out ten French Food Rules and vows to have her children ‘eating French’ within a year. The result is a family food revolution—with surprising yet ultimately happy results.

Combining personal anecdotes with practical tips and appetizing recipes—including Zucchini and Spinach Puree, Bouillabaisse (Fish Soup) for Babies, Zesty Orange Salad, and Clafoutis (Sweet Cherry Souffle)—French Kids Eat Everything is a humorous, provocative look at families, food, and children that is filled with inspiration and concrete advice that every parent can use.

Global TV interview: Should you be teaching your kids to eat like the French?

“Karen Le Billon has written a book that every parent of young children will want to read. After she moves to France with her two young daughters, both with North American eating habits, their family palates are slowly educated to the French way of eating. She and her children learn that it’s okay to be hungry, turn to mindful eating, and learn the importance of enjoying one’s food. Humorous as well as instructive, this culinary adventure will change the lives of parents and children alike.”
-Patricia Wells, author of The Provence Cookbook

“This book is a must-read for teachers and parents.”
– Dr. Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, & Public Health, New York University

A wonderful – and important – book. One family’s topsy-turvy culinary transformation becomes an in-depth exploration of the habits that have kept French kids loving food (and eating spinach) for centuries.”
—Elizabeth Bard, author of Lunch in Paris

“If you’re looking for a dietary overhaul for your family, this book will get you well on your way to better eating.”

“We liked how Le Billon strategically identified questions she faced while living abroad: Why were French kids tidier eaters? Why did they sit quietly at restaurants? Why did her daughter’s teacher suggest she see a therapist when she wanted to pack her school lunch? Even better, we liked how she answered these questions and identified a set of rules for healthy eating that could be followed even if you weren’t able to take up residence in a damp stone cottage on the French coast.”

“The 10 “rules” she comes up with are really common sense ideas you probably, however vaguely, already know. But if you’re like me, you may find them excellent, if not also habit-changing, reminders of how things should be. Or can be. Key to enforcing these rules is a French parenting mentality that’s loving but firm.”


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Check out the April issue of Dissent Magazine where Karen writes about American versus French food politics. Prêt-à-Manger: Why the French Have Their Cake and Eat It, Too

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Chef and writer Michael Ruhlman was inspired by French Kids to write this post on ‘culinary intelligence as an emerging trend’, in which he describes the US as a country ‘hungry for good, delicious choices’ — there’s room for hope!

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Thanks to Sarah Wu for the invitation to discuss Karen’s experience writing French Kids, on her Fed Up with Lunch blog, which inspired Karen’s French Kids’ School Lunch project!

Thoughtful discussion of French Kids Eat Everything: food culture, nutrition advice for parents, and more by BC-based food writer Don Genova.

Fun review and great interview podcast with Amber Strocel (who says she was originally skeptical, but then won over to the French Kids’ approach).

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Great review on MommaCuisine, a fellow Jamie Oliver Real Food Advocate!

Funniest review so far of French Kids by Hollie Smith. Chapeau!

The Family Table…Mais Oui!Fun review on YoYoMama, which features a recipe from the book (Pommes au Four)

Radio interview about the broader food politics issues raised by French Kids Eat Everything with Caryn Hartglass on Progressive Radio‘s “It’s all about Food” show. Karen is very proud to have been profiled on the Foodtree blog as a Food Advocate.

First of a two-part series of blog posts on French Kids Eat Everything on The Beauty Mommy blog. Second part of the interview, with some fun observations on food politics.

Thoughtful post on the book on one of Karen’s favourite family food blogs: A Family That Eats Together.

Fun review of book on The Stir (by CafeMom) blog. Note: the Food Rules need context in order to fully understand them; in the book they are presented with lots of tips and explanations for putting everything into practice.

Thoughtful comments on the FixMeASnack blog, which perceptively describes the French Kids approach as one as ‘liberation via limitations’!

Design Mom: Lovely review from design guru (and mom of six living in the French countryside!)

Sue Atkins (the well-known UK Parenting Coach) invited Karen to do a guest blog on snacking — hot topic!

Thoughtful post on the negative impacts of short school lunch periods at Amber Strocel’s blog (, sparked by her read of French Kids Eat Everything. Read the post here.

Sarah Jane Studios: A sneak peek of French Kids Eat Everything from the book illustrator–and phenomenal artist–Sarah Jane Wright.

Why do French kids eat so well? Rules! Review on “Outside the Box”, an Italian food blog with a Canadian twist!

60 Second Parent: Toddler friendly veggie ideas from France


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Winner of the 2013 Taste Canada’s The Food Writing Awards

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