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By Alison Pick

“The thing about Far To Go is that it is the kind of book that has you making phone calls to change your day’s plans so that you can curl up somewhere (anywhere) and read for hours and hours because putting the story down actually hurts. Gorgeously written and crafted, Far To Go pulls us into the footsteps, hearts and breath of its characters so much so that we are surprised that they are not actually standing there when we look up. I am not generally drawn to WWII stories, but I am so very glad I did not let that stop me from delving into this tender and magnificent book. And the nice thing about giving Far To Go as a gift is that disappointment on the part of the recipient is virtually impossible.”
-Advent Book Blog (Recommended by Alison Wearing, author of Honeymoon in Purdah)


Pick_Far To GoFar to Go tells the story of an affluent Czech Jewish family at the onset of the Second World War. The lives of Pavel and Anneliese Bauer are observed through the adoring but misguided eyes of their son’s governess, Marta. A second, unnamed voice addresses the reader from the present. Part mystery, part love story, Far to Go asks questions about the legacy of secrecy and answers them with incredible heart. It is a beautifully written book that appeals not only to the history buff but to anyone who has loved deeply and lost.

“A nuanced and layered portrait of betrayal. . .a novel that builds to an almost unbearable climax in the fate of a little boy swept away from his moorings. An intriguing experiment in the art of storytelling. Far to Go explores the ways in which truths and facts can be assembled, reassembled and jiggled this way and that, like so many fragments of stained glass inside a kaleidoscope.”
Montreal Gazette

Far to Go’s thoroughly absorbing narrative is expertly crafted in every sense.”
Toronto Star

“Clean, crisp and unencumbered. Pick never dwells for too long in an image or metaphor, and she creates small moments that are both lovely and frightening. . . It’s very deftly structured and the storytelling is seamless. With rights sold in the United States, Britain, Holland and Italy, Far to Go appears poised to gain a wide and significant readership, and deservedly so.”
The Globe and Mail

“…fast-paced, suspenseful, moving and unique tale about one Czechoslovakian family’s experiences on the eve of the Holocaust and the ramifications of those experiences decades later.”
Winnipeg Free Press

“Pick’s gorgeous writing is to be savoured… [A] deeply felt novel.”
-Quill & Quire

“Pick successfully hinges together the complex narrative twists with historical records, letters, and fragments of history.”
The Walrus

Far To Go shows terrific craft and emotional intelligence. A winner.”
NOW Magazine

 Pick’s gifted portrayal of an academic chronicling the Bauers’ world — inexorably crumbling under Hitler’s tyranny — is as disheartening as it is insightful. It’s a view of human nature’s unwillingness to give up hope. Ultimately, this family’s story, though presented as a fictional tragedy, is in its essence factual. It parallels the true stories of innumerable families, making the experience vivid, heart-wrenching and utterly real.
-FFWD Calgary

“Pick’s compelling portrait of people struggling to comprehend the encroaching horror, while desperately attempting to keep to their normal routines, is intimate and strangely lovely. Resolutely compassionate, and unflinching honest, Pick reveals the complexities of the family’s situation, how ordinary betrayals, misgivings and petty jealousies, have devastating consequences in this new, remorseless world, and for future generations also. But it is bewildered six-year-old Pepik, and his harrowing journey, that encapsulates the loss and hope and heartbreak that is the life-blood of this extraordinary story.”
Daily Mail (UK) 

“There’s a lot of very good fiction coming out of Canada at the moment and Alison Pick’s emotionally powerful second novel is up there with the best of if. Pick’s book is never less than psychologically convincing: it deftly conveys both the sense of gathering storm and the denial and self-deceit of those facing it. A potential classic in the making that deserves to be on every secondary school’s reading list”
Financial Times

“Inspired by the author’s own grandparents it’s a finely written, emotionally involving novel”
Choice Magazine

“Pick’s compelling portrait of people struggling to comprehend the encroaching horror, while desperately attempting to keep to their normal routines, is intimate and strangely lovely. Resolutely compassionate and unflinchingly honest, Pick reveals the complexities of the family’s situation, how ordinary betrayals, misgivings and petty jealousies have devastating consequences in this new, remorseless world and for future generations.”
The Daily Mail

“This really is an astounding book and I found myself deeply affected by it […] A masterful storyteller, language used simply but beautifully, a sensitive but illuminating touch on history, characters who are still with me now, emotional impact (to say the least!) and a shocking twist: Far to Go has it all. I’m still thinking about this book, and will be for a long time. Devastating, and devastatingly brilliant. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
Catherine Caffeinated

“I enjoyed Far to Go, it was a powerful story and you can see the love and commitment that went into telling the sotry by Alison Pick, a story which is part of her own family history. Highly recommended.”

“Fresh horrors of the Holocaust seem painfully real […] Canadian author Alison Pick brings history alive for readers”
Sunday Territorian

“It’s an absorbing narrative that shines a light on a rescue movement that saved almost 10,000 children […] Part historical fiction and part thriller, Pick manages to keep us guessing […] A gripping read”
Courier Mail

“Inspired by Alison Pick’s own grandparents , who fled the native Czechoslovakia for Canada during World War II, Far To Go is a deeply personal novel”
Australian Jewish News

“Pick’s writing is so gripping that my only complaint is simply that the book is too short.”
-The Jewish Chronicle Online


House of Anansi, Canada, Fall 2010

Harper Perennial, US, Fall 2011

Headline, UK

Orlando, The Netherlands

Sperling & Kupfer, Italy

Boreal, Quebec

Argo, Czech Republic

Paz e Terra, Brazil


Winner of the 2010 Words Worthy Award

Toronto Star Top Ten Books of the Year 2010

NOW magazine Top Ten Books of the Year 2010

Longlisted for the CBC Canada Reads Best Books of the Decade

Winner of the 2011 Helen and Stan Vine Canadian Jewish Book Award for fiction

Longlisted for the 2011 Man Booker Prize

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