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By Liam Card

“A riveting exploration of a life that didn’t turn out as it should have, Exit Papers From Paradise is a superb first novel. Liam Card writes with intensity, verve, and precision, and the character he has created in Isaac is one that won’t soon leave me.”
-Steven Galloway, author of The Cellist of Sarajevo


Card_Exit Papers from Paradise

Frustrated 35-year-old plumber Isaac Sullivan believes he has both the intellect and skill to be a surgeon. Forced to take over his father’s plumbing business straight out of high school, Isaac had dreams of attending the University of Michigan that fell by the wayside. However, the unfortunate setback didn’t stop him entirely. For the past decade, he has absorbed every medical textbook and journal available to him. For practical experience, Isaac performs surgeries on the wildlife around his house, preparing for the day he attends Michigan.

Yet the years continue to pass and Isaac remains stuck in Paradise, Michigan, as a plumber. That is, until this year, when an event pushes him to apply as an undergraduate for the first time. Exit Papers From Paradise is about the gap between the person we are and the person we desperately want to be.

“Sharp, funny and incisive as a surgeon’s scalpel, in Exit Papers from Paradise, Liam Card has created a narrator in Isaac as bitterly funny as he is sad, one that brilliantly and poignantly captures the ironic anxiety of today’s everyman. I laughed until my heart broke. This is a book I couldn’t put down for a second.”
– Maureen Medved, Author of The Tracey Fragments

“Wise, riveting, it’s a super debut novel.”
Owen Sound Sun Times


Dundurn, Canada, September 2012