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By Sam Wiebe

“Cut You Down begins with a simple missing persons assignment for private
detective Dave Wakeland. But fans of Sam Wiebe know that nothing is ever
straightforward in Wakeland’s life, personal or professional. Wakeland’s efforts
to help an ex-lover force him to survey the hinterlands of his own heart even as
the plot twists and accelerates through gangsters, corrupt police, money
laundering, bleak neighbourhoods and of course, murder. A highly intelligent and
satisfying page-turner.” — Janie Chang, author of national bestseller Dragon
Springs Road


Still the rogue at his own detective agency, Dave Wakeland has moved out but not on. When a troubled professor hires him to find a missing former student, beneath what seems like a straightforward runaway case Wakeland’s search for Tabitha Sorensoies uncovers a tangled mess of stolen money, betrayal, and murder. But Wakeland’s search quickly spirals into darker things: embezzlement worth millions, a mysterious mastermind and a murder intended to keep it all quiet, with the promise of more to come. Before he knows it, Wakeland and his apprenticing sister are entangled in two cases, with three missing women, all of whom need his help—and all of whom offer great ways to get him killed. Who’s the thief and who’s the victim, and most worrisome of all, who’s the killer? In an 9 CUT YOU DOWN kk design copyuneasy alliance with a woman from his past, and with Vancouver’s organized criminals ever lurking, Wiebe’s morally challenged young detective takes up a cross-border chase that twists and surprises like only Canada’s next master of crime can tell.

“Sam Wiebe pulls no punches in his latest thriller, Cut You Down. Gripping, complex, and with an unusual play on the classic femme fatale trope, this is crime fiction at its best.” —Sheena Kamal, author of The Lost Ones

“Sam Wiebe does it again with Cut You Down—smart and razor-sharp, with a plot that keeps unraveling all the way to its exciting, unputdownable conclusion.” —David Swinson, author of The Second Girl and Crime Song

“Tense, turbulent, and terrific. PI Dave Wakeland is the best kind of anti-hero, riding the edge between right and wrong, creating an unbreakable bond with the reader. Wiebe’s evocative prose, unexpected reveals, and riveting characters–including a contract killer who’s ace with a blade–will grab you from the first page.” —K.J. Howe

“The parallel investigations modulate into one cleverly tuned commentary on a society … Wiebe convincingly brings Raymond Chandler into the 21st century.” –Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)


Random House, Canada, Spring 2018

Quercus, US, Spring 2018

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