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By Todd Babiak

“Todd has crafted a dark mystery that had me contemplating What would I do?, all the while painting a beautiful landscape. Would make Richard Castle proud!”
-Nathan Fillion, star of “Castle”

Babiak_Come Barbarians

A man must surrender to his own violent instincts to protect the people he loves…

Entirely unlike anything Todd Babiak has written before, Come Barbarians is a riveting, high-stakes novel about murder, revenge, love, loyalty and loss. The driving plot, in which a bereft husband and father races to save his estranged wife from a family of killers, is perfectly balanced by moments of surprising power and intimacy.

Christopher Kruse has come to France with his wife and daughter to become a better man—to escape his past as a high-priced security agent. When death comes crashing into their newly idyllic life, however, he’s forced to fire up old instincts to protect his wife and unravel a tangle of political loyalties that reach all the way to the highest office of the country. Ultimately, Come Barbarians is the compelling story of a man forced to come to terms with his own dark side…

“With Come Barbarians, Todd Babiak stands shoulder to shoulder with Greene and LeCarre, but makes the world his own, infusing it with French New Wave cinema and an emotionally resonant voice to craft a thriller of distinction, and of the heart.”
-Andrew Pyper, author of The Demonologist

Come Barbarians is a heart-wrenching and heart-stopping thriller filled with powerful demonstrations of familial love as well as remarkable, chilling violence. Babiak masterfully negotiates these two extremes in this fast-paced, intelligent novel that had me white-knuckled until the last page.”
-Ivy Pochoda

“A strong, accomplished thriller with a subtle touch of character and a great sense of France and French politics.”
-Martin Walker, author of Bruno, Chief of Police

“Utterly gripping. Gets you by the throat and doesn’t let go.”
-Sabine Durrant, author of Under Your Skin

“Aficionados of hypermasculinist thrillers like Taken, to which this work has some parallels, will love this glorious celebration of action-movie conventions.”
Publishers Weekly

“Come Barbarians is a taut thriller, mercilessly paced, with clever shifts and turns that serve to keep the reader continually unsettled and second-guessing everything and everyone. Were it only that, it would be impressive enough, but Come Barbarians goes much deeper. Babiak’s portrait of a marriage in decline, and his depiction of Kruse and his constant self-examination are intense and thought-provoking… Thrilling and heartbreaking, Come Barbarians is a novel that will satisfy the most discerning of readers.”
The Calgary Herald


HarperCollins Canada, Fall 2013

Awards and Distinctions:

#1 Bestseller

A Globe & Mail Best Book of 2013

Longlisted for the Alberta Reader’s Choice Award

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