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By Jamie Zeppa

“Beyond the Sky and the Earth is an exotic and romantic story, an exhilarating testament to the transformative power of travel if one’s mind and heart are open to it.”
The Toronto Star

“Reading the early pages of this rich, romantic, lushly descriptive memoir of Zeppa’s three years in the tiny Buddhist kingdom just south of Tibet, I counted my cushy American blessings….But by the end, I not only got why Zeppa stayed in Bhutan…I actually envied her experience. Her tale is part love story, part history lesson and part Buddhism 101….Zeppa writes romantically without romanticizing, and her fascinating story is something you’ll marvel at the first time and want to go back to again and again.”

Zeppa_Beyond the Sky and the Earth

Jamie Zeppa spent several years teaching and living in Bhutan. Her letters home were featured on “Morningside,” and in 1996 she won the CBC-Saturday Night Canadian Literary Award for Memoir. Zeppa is currently at work on her first novel.

Born and raised in a small Ontario mining town, Zeppa, then in her early 20’s, traveled to the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, for an adventure. She quickly became entranced by the beauty of the country, fascinated by the culture of its people, became a Buddhist and married a Bhutanese, with whom she has a young son. Her first book, Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey Into Bhutan, describes her developing love for Bhutan and the Bhutanese with a keen eye and affectionately-rendered detail, which brings her experience alive in a poignant and vivid way.

“Zeppa’s lucid descriptions… bring the tiny land to life in a way that is reverent but real… Zeppa’s is a lively tale of her earnest efforts to reconcile what she has learned with what she has known.”
Publishers Weekly

“Heartfelt…a good reminder that your passport, both literally and figuratively, can open up an entire world of possibilities.”
Harper’s Bazaar

“A compelling account…[told] with empathy, intelligence and self-mocking wit.”
The Globe and Mail

“Zeppa’s book suggests, too, what most other contemporary travel books do not: that there are still a few places left in the world so strange and wondrous that a journey there has the power to transform the traveler…[an] engaging memoir.”
The New York Times Book Review

“Zeppa’s enthusiasm for Bhutan and its people is infectious and her descriptions of her encounters with Bhutanese culture are often funny and always enlightening.”
Kirkus Review

“Her story reads like a good novel; even her youthful naivete has charm. Zeppa’s deep affection for her adopted home makes this a special book.”
Library Journal

“Zeppa’s description of the terrain is breathtaking; her description of adaptation, growth, and transformation is both comforting and inspirational. This is a story as much about personal triumph as about travel, and about people as well as place.”


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