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By Sandy Skotnicki


“At last, a deep dive into an area that few dare to handle. This book hits the right balance in tone to provide a resource for clinicians, scientists and the general public. Our skin is one of our most vital organs, yet few books have highlighted with such clarity the impact of so called skin-care regimes on its health. Combining scientific insights from myriad disciplines, Dr Skotnicki has created a compelling narrative that illuminates our understanding of our skin, and provides evidence-based alternatives to skin care.”
Professor Jack A. Gilbert, University of Chicago and Author of Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Childs Developing Immune System


Beyond Soap-cover2 (1)-page-001North America’s leading dermatologist offers a ground-breaking, informative, and incredibly practical book that reveals the harmful effects of our modern skincare habits and how you can eliminate common skin conditions.

Sensitive skin is one of the most buzzed-about topics in dermatology today. It can be painful, debilitating, and inconvenient. Astonishingly, many of the women and men who suffer from problem skin are unknowingly causing it by washing too frequently and using too many skincare and beauty products. Often, we slather ourselves in creams and balms that can actually damage the skin. The miracle products we buy at department stores, specialty shops, and pharmacies have the potential to make us less attractive and prematurely age our skin.
In Beyond Soap, leading dermatologist Dr. Skotnicki explains that the best state for skin is the natural state. On its own, the skin is better equipped to fight wrinkles, stave off aging and act as armor that protects the body from infection. Every time we slather, spread, hydrate, or soften the skin, we nudge the skin away from its healthiest natural condition. Skotnicki demystifies the claims of commonly used beauty products and offers a common-sense approach to cleansing the body along with her product-elimination diet that has helped thousands of patients suffering from a wide array of skin conditions, and a skincare regime that will help you maintain skin health, fight aging, and keep your skin reaction-free forever.


Penguin Canada, April 2018

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