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By Robert J. Wiersema

“[A] spooky, fast-moving horror novel… Weirsema’s a fine storyteller, and once he gets his hooks into you, you won’t want to stop reading.”
-Cory Doctorow, author of For the Win and co-editor of Boing Boing

“[A] ripping fantasy quest… Wiersema mesmerizes with this artful telling of two interlocking tales… resolving in a way that will no doubt attract Hollywood producers. (John Cusack or Nicolas Cage could play the hangdog dad). All this makes Bedtime Story a page-turner.”
Maclean’s Magazine

Wiersema_Bedtime Story

Following his bestselling 2006 debut, Before I Wake, Wiersema returns to his exquisitely plotted blend of supernatural thriller and domestic drama.

Novelist Christopher Knox began his writing career with a bang. The echo of that success still rings in his ears as he sets to work every morning on his second novel, ten years later. His wife feels like a single parent, and with Chris living in exile in a studio above their garage, it won’t be long before she is. Chris discovers a fantasy novel by an obscure author he loved as a child and gives it to his son, David. Father reads to son nightly, and To the Four Directions soon enthralls him. Until one night, when young David is reading alone, an inexplicable seizure leaves him in a mysterious state of unconsciousness. As his seizure recurs every night, his father learns that only one thing will calm it, a bedtime story from his strange new book. Convinced that the secret of David’s collapse is within its pages, Chris crosses the continent in search of the truth. Meanwhile, David wakes up within the story he has been reading, and as his father struggles to free him, David struggles to survive, facing perils unimaginable in a world created to capture the hearts and souls of children like him. Both father and son are headed toward a fateful collision of worlds, and a showdown with ancient evils, both fictional and very real.


“…the story only gets more exciting, and ultimately, more satisfying.”
Quill & Quire

“Wiersema’s work has power to devour readers…Victoria-based author’s Bedtime Story is impeccably crafted and entirely consuming”
-Vancouver Sun

Bedtime Story is all that it should be. More. It is frightening. It is fabulous entertainment. It is intensely thought-provoking. Above all, it is a hint and a tickle of things to come. Wiersema is a wonderful writer reaching towards full power. Bedtime Story is a very good book, but I have no doubt that the best is yet to come.”
-January Magazine

“Your stay inside Bedtime Story will be pretty swift – it’s just a fun read – but there’s no denying the wonderfully childlike promise of its premise.”
The Globe and Mail

“The relationship between Knox and his strangely afflicted son unfolds in a delicate, literary manner that’s both subtle and touching. To the Four Directions goes against that grain, unfolding with the kind of bold, colourful emotions that wouldn’t be out of place in the young-adult section of your favourite bookstore…Whatever direction [Wiersema] takes, he makes us care.”
Georgia Straight

“[U]n-put-downable… masterful storytelling and intricate plotting… Bedtime Story is immensely enjoyable and entertaining.”
Edmonton Journal


Random House Canada, Fall 2010



Shortlisted for the 2012 Evergreen Award

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