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By Josey Vogels

“[F]unny, frank, and conscientious… Vogels offers hilariously serious suggestions for surviving a wide range of naked truths.”
Quill & Quire


Vogels_Bedside Manner

Bedside Manners is the definitive, fun, and irreverent guide to all those burning, often embarrassing, questions. No subject is too taboo for sex-and-relationship expert Josey Vogels. She knows that today’s woman doesn’t need another guide to building the perfect relationship or how to trap a man – what she needs is practical advice, snappy comebacks for sticky situations and solutions to bedroom dilemmas that keep dignity intact and the action hot. Complete with special etiquette rules for first times, real-life most embarrassing sex moments and gems of etiquette from the past sprinkled throughout, Bedside Manners will give woman the information they need to get the satisfaction they want.


“Josey Vogels does what most writers cannot, she gets naked, emotionally if not physically, to plumb the depths of sex and love.”
The Globe and Mail

“Essential advice for the sophisticated metro-minx on the prowl.”
-Michael Flocker, author of The Metrosexual Guide to Style


HarperCollins, Canada, Summer 2004

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