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By Lawrence Burns with Christopher Shulgan

AutonomyHC_9-6Former vice president of research, development and planning at GM, and current advisor to Google Self-Driving Cars, Lawrence Burns’ inside look at the current arms race among the auto industry and silicon valley to build and perfec`t the driverless car–an innovation that will likely be the most disruptive change to our way of life since the advent of the smart phone.

Here, the technological guru of the auto industry, whose team won the DARPA 2007 Urban Challenge race, works with veteran ghostwriter Christopher Shulgan to create a page-turning narrative that looks under the hood of the mobility revolution. The story that Burns tells will stun you.

The future belongs to a transport world of connected autonomous vehicles that look like ladybug pods on wheels – one that will eliminate 90% of human error and save up to 3000 accident fatalities a day, allow for driver-less war vehicles, solve resource challenges, safety issues, decrease space and urban planning problems, and significantly help reduce the environmental impact of emissions and the effects of climate change. Meanwhile, it will turn the automobile and oil industry on its head, cause a predicted 2 to 4 billion disruption to the US economy, increase issues of unemployment, and put Google in the driving seat.

And all of this, within the next 15 years. Strap on those seat belts!


Ecco / Harper Collins US

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