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By Leah McLaren

McLaren_A Better Man

Every couple has a wish list.

Maya wants… Nick to come home earlier. To engage with his children. To engage with her.

Nick wants… A divorce.

Having made his decision, Nick is determined to leave quickly and with dignity, because surely that would be best? So what an unpleasant shock it is to discover how much the divorce proceedings will cost him. As a stay-at-home mum, Maya will get everything. Nick, however, is resolute and willing to try anything… so when the unlikely solution of giving Maya exactly what she wants is presented to him, he takes it. The better a father and husband Nick is, the cheaper his eventual divorce pay-out will be.

But as Nick sets out to be a better man he begins to feel worryingly like one. Time with his kids, dinners with his wife and less hours in the office have the strange effect of making him happy.

Nick and Maya feel like they are falling back in love. How odd, how funny, how serendipitous! But what would Maya do if she knew what had promoted this marital metamorphosis? Why then it would be war…

“…McLaren’s deft prose crackles… A Better Man is unexpectedly beautiful…”
The Globe and Mail


HarperCollins Canada, July 2015

Grand Central, US, July 2015

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