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by Martin Gibala with Christopher Shulgan

 “It is impossible to overstate how important Martin Gibala and his research have been to the recent explosion of interest in high-intensity interval training. His work persuasively shows just how effective super-short workouts are for increasing both fitness and health.” – Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times


Everyone has one minute to spare.  In her New York Times bestseller, The First 20 Minutes, Gretchen Reynolds brought us the compelling news that almost all the benefits of exercise are achieved at the beginning of the workout. The One-Minute Workout goes even further, introducing accessible new strategies for achieving fitness in astonishingly little time.

A decade ago, Martin Gibala was a young researcher in the field of exercise physiology—with little time to exercise. That critical point in his career launched a passion for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), allowing him to stay in shape with just a few minutes of hard effort. It also prompted Gibala to conduct experiments that helped launch the exploding science of ultralow-volume exercise. Now that he’s the worldwide guru of the science of time-efficient workouts, Gibala’s first book answers the ultimate question: How low can you go?

Written in collaboration with ghostwriter Christopher Shulgan, Gibala’s fascinating quest for the answer makes exercise experts of us all. The compelling and accessible work demonstrates that very short, intense bursts of exercise may be the most potent form of workout available. Gibala busts myths (“it’s only for really fit people”), explains astonishing science (“intensity trumps duration”), lays out time-saving life hacks (“exercise snacking”), and describes the fascinating health-promoting value of HIIT (for preventing and reversing disease). Gibala’s latest study found that sedentary people derived the fitness benefits of 150 minutes of traditional endurance training with an interval protocol that involved 80 percent less time and just three minutes of hard exercise per week.

Including eight interval workouts and four microworkouts customized for individual needs and preferences—you may not quite want to go all out every time—The One Minute Workout solves the number-one reason we don’t exercise: lack of time. Because everyone has one minute.

“As the world’s foremost expert in high-intensity interval training, Martin Gibala has pioneered study of a new and remarkably time-efficient type of workout, making available the benefits of exercise in a fraction of the time.” —Robert E. Sallis, MD, Past-President of the American College of Sports Medicine

“There is no one on earth more qualified than Dr. Gibala to author a science-based book on how we all can take advantage of HIIT as a practical, time-saving approach to meet our health and fitness goals.” – Dr. Bob Murray, former Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute


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