Rae__What's Happened to Politics__Front cover (1)“In What’s Happened to Politics?, Rae raises a key question that all Canadians need to contemplate. Part history, part memoir, and part manifesto, it is important for anyone who cares about Canada and how it’s governed.”– Alison Loat, co-founder and executive director of Samara Canada

“What’s Happened to Politics? aspires to open a conversation with Canadians on the state of our politics and government. It is a call to action to change the focus from rhetoric and spin to political decision-making based on shared values, ideas, and character. This book also focuses on the urgent need to reconcile the relationship between Aboriginal people and other Canadians and underscores the historic imbalance in the relationship, how it came about, and the way forward in terms that all Canadians can understand.”                                                    – Phil Fontaine, President, Ishkonigan Consulting and Mediation Inc. & three-time National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations

“Rae paints a clear and disturbing picture of the impact of the current focus on slogans and simplistic ideology on important public-policy issues.”     – David Miller, The globe and Mail

“This is an excellent book. It’s solidly rooted in experience… but very much focused on the future. It’s a highly personal political-intellectual memoir, but one that’s not at all self-indulgent.”
– Roland Paris, Director of the Centre for International Policy Studies

“Canadians, consider yourselves properly spanked. You get what you demand, and — by the logic of Rae’s argument — what you deserve.”  – ipolitics.ca

“[Rae] demonstrates his deep knowledge of the major public-policy challenges of our time and a coherent philosophical approach. It is hard not to see how much of a mistake the Liberal Party made by not electing him leader – intellectually, he would be a tough opponent for Harper, indeed.”   – David Miller, The Globe and Mail