By Jen Agg

“Whatever Jen Agg says is worth listening to…I Hear She’s a Real Bitch is the book a lot of us have been waiting for. A terrific, beautifully written, frank and funny memoir and a compelling argument for pulling down the long outdated system of ‘bro’ culture that has dominated the industry since what feels like the beginning of time.”
– Anthony Bourdain

“Jen Agg insists on being heard. Her plainspoken yet breathlessly disclosing memoir is compulsively readable, highlighting her natural gift for not just telling it like it is, but remembering with heart and with humor. Much like dining at one of her perfectly-lit restaurants, reading Agg is a full-blown experience of the senses. I am grateful for her voice and for how generously she storytells. I read I Hear She’s A Real Bitch, all the way through, in one sitting, only putting it down once near the end, so as to delay reaching its final pages.”
– Durga Chew-Bose, author of Too Much and Not the Mood

“Jen Agg has produced a memoir every bit as distinctive as her extraordinary restaurants. It is equal parts steel, grit, sass, tmi and analytic brilliance. Nobody is better at creating the modern bistro, a joint that’s someplace, yet also relaxed; meticulous, but utterly without pretension. Agg, it turns out, has an ear to match her eye; she is a dismayingly good writer, and her book is a double How-To: How to be a garishly successful restauranteur; and How to be a semi-completed human being. She has brought every bit of her unique verve to I Hear She’s a Real Bitch. (PS: She can be, but she really isn’t.)”
Stephen Metcalf


Agg_9780385686877_jkt_all_r5.inddA sharp and candid memoir from a star in the restaurant world, and an up-and-coming literary voice. Toronto restaurateur Jen Agg, the woman behind the popular The Black Hoof, Cocktail Bar, Rhum Corner, and Agrikol restaurants, is known for her frank, crystal-sharp, and often hilarious observations and ideas on the restaurant industry and the world around her.

I Hear She’s a Real Bitch, her first book, is caustic yet intimate, and wryly observant; an unforgettable glimpse into the life of one of the most interesting, smart, trail-blazing voices of this moment.


“No one has big enough balls to go up against Jen Agg.”
– Elle Magazine profile (May 2016)

“Each time [Agg] declares a trend, diners—and other restaurateurs—trail her with slack-jawed reverence…celebs like Anthony Bourdain and Gordan Ramsay and Justin Timberlake stop by when they’re in town… She has the canny ability to make young people feel sophisticated and older customers feel cool. Her empire is where they meet in the middle.”
Toronto Life profile (March 2016)

“I can’t ever take the ‘fuck’ out of the kitchen. It’s the Wild West, it’s always going to be like that, but do we have to humiliate and embarrass people who are just trying to prep their mise?”
Jen Agg, interview with Helen Rosner, Eater


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Doubleday Canada, Spring 2017
Penguin US, 2017

Chapters Bestseller (May 2017)