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By Zoey Leigh Peterson

“[P]sychologically perceptive . . . Peterson’s commitment to exploring the idea of monogamy is refreshingly attuned to the shifting power dynamics between two—then three—players. A crisp, exciting exploration of love, friendship, and everything in between. Peterson’s one to watch.”
Kirkus Reviews


nextyearforsure-not-final-cover-005Chris and Kathryn have been together for nine years. They share a secret language, they confront life’s typical challenges as a team and they confide in each other in the shower. But recently, their confessions have centred on crushes. More specifically, Chris’s crush on Emily, the beguiling woman he met at a laundromat who has mysteriously captured a piece of his heart.

Being unwilling to close any doors on their love, the two decide to try an open relationship. And what follows is full of the dreadful suspense that feels like the charged moments before a train wreck.

As Emily and Chris explore the dynamism and unfathomable promises that only a new connection can offer, Kathryn and Chris are simultaneously forced to probe the confines of their long partnership. It is through this bracing contrast, and the many rivers that flow from this ocean of doubt, loyalty, companionship and love, that Zoey Leigh Peterson offers us a wincingly honest exploration of the traditional norms that have come to define and shape how we perceive happiness in romantic relationships.

Next Year, For Sure is one of those rare books that is so honest and alluring that while reading it I felt the giddy intoxication of finding a new best friend.  In prose that seems simultaneously effortless and masterful, Zoey Leigh Peterson writes about the magical and ephemeral nature of love, the ebb and flow of relationships, the mysterious shifting of present into past. This book is smart and fresh and full of surprises, with characters who are so richly drawn, so complex and funny and achingly vulnerable that knowing them left me with a sense of being better known.  Upon finishing, I want to read every single thing Zoey Leigh Peterson has ever written and ever will write, books and stories, birthday cards and grocery lists.  This novel dazzled me.”
Aryn Kyle, bestselling author of The God of Animals

In Next Year, For Sure Zoey Leigh Peterson pulls off a difficult balancing act, creating deeply nuanced characters while sacrificing nothing for forward movement.  Her bright, clear prose is as addictive and deceiving as a bottle of prosecco:  you think one more sip, just one more sip–and before you know it, it’s three in the morning.”
Katherine Heiny, author of Single, Carefree, Mellow

“Zoey Leigh Peterson is a tremendously skilled and clever writer, and Next Time, For Sure tells a complicated story about love, non-monogamy, and our expectations of other people. The novel is precise and patient, but at the same time, absolutely impossible to put down. You end up empathizing with every character. This is the first book I’ve read about fidelity and the complications of the heart that doesn’t take the easy route by making someone the hero and someone else the fall-guy. Peterson’s debut is startlingly good, remarkably unique and will resonate with anyone who has ever been in love, or questioned what a relationship should look like.”
—­Zoe Whittall, author of The Best Kind of People

“From page to page, the story and its language surprises so that we too remain uncertain of the direction we are headed towards. The strong narratorial voice pulls us uneasily into the unknown.”
Gerard Beirne, The Malahat Review


Doubleday Canada, Spring 2017
Scribner US, Spring 2017

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