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Announcing CookeMcDermid

The Cooke Agency and The McDermid Agency announced today that they have amalgamated to become one new company to be known as CookeMcDermid. The new company will be owned in equal part by Chris Bucci, Dean Cooke, Sally Harding, and Martha Webb. Bucci and Webb are the owners of The McDermid Agency, formerly Anne McDermid and Associates, whose founder, Anne McDermid, will remain with the new company in the role of agent, continuing to represent her authors.

In a rapidly evolving publishing environment, the new company will share resources and expertise. The owners see this as an opportunity to unite each agency’s considerable experience and strengths, creating a powerful agency partnership for its writers. In a joint statement, the owners have expressed their conviction that the combined resources of CookeMcDermid will allow it to better position authors to take advantage of, and succeed in, the ever changing, multi-faceted world of publishing, be it print, audio, or digital, and through strategic partnerships in film, TV, and other media platforms and public appearances.

There will be nine agents working with the new company: Suzanne Brandreth, Chris Bucci, Dean Cooke, Ron Eckel, Sally Harding, Rachel Letofsky, Anne McDermid, Monica Pacheco and Martha Webb. Eckel and Brandreth are also the owners of the independent company, The Cooke Agency International, which remains unaltered by the amalgamation. There will be no change to authors’ representation; clients will continue to be represented by their current agent. The CookeMcDermid client list will consist of more than 300 writers, among them Man Booker nominees, Giller and Governor General’s award–winning authors, prize-winning journalists, New York Times bestsellers and some of the literary world’s most notable names, including: Jen Agg, Omar el Akkad, Deborah Campbell, Michael Crummey, Robyn Doolittle, John Irving, Rupi Kaur, Scaachi Koul, Geddy Lee, Robert Munsch, Jordan B. Peterson, Alison Pick, Andrew Pyper, Bob Rae, Nino Ricci, David Adams Richards, Amy Stuart, Guy Vanderhaeghe, Jeff VanderMeer, Sarah Waters, and Jesse Wente.

Harding and Cooke said, “Martha and Chris have impressed us with their entrepreneurial drive, their enterprising, energetic vision and their ability to spot great ideas and attract wonderful new writers. They are doing Anne McDermid’s considerable legacy proud while at the same time building a vibrant business of their own. We’re thrilled to be moving forward with them into the future.”

Webb and Bucci said, “We have long admired our colleagues Dean and Sally and their team for their unparalleled business savvy, integrity and tremendous success, as evidenced in the impressive list of writers they champion. We could not be more delighted to be joining forces with them, and to continue to build on Anne’s accomplishments.”

Anne McDermid says: “Dean Cooke and I were colleagues once, when I was a senior partner at Curtis Brown UK, and Dean ran Curtis Brown Canada. He’s remained a friend ever since and it’s thrilling for me to have him as a colleague again now. My colleagues Chris Bucci and Martha Webb have been on this journey with me in my Canadian agency, with never a dull moment, and it’s exciting to see their energy join with Dean’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the profession to move on to the triumphs and challenges of the next phase of the publishing industry. I look forward to representing my talented writers internationally, supported by CookeMcDermid.”

For more information please contact Paige Sisley at or call 647-788-4010.

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