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Philpott SusanSusan Philpott holds a master’s degree in both science and social work. She has worked as a university teaching assistant, zookeeper and mental health professional, where she became aware of the existence of a secret underground railway for women. The strong and courageous women she met then led to her first thriller Blown Red, and the second novel in the series, Dark Territory, will be published in 2016. The mother of three grown children, she lives in the wilds of Ontario with her husband and yellow labrador. The tv series rights to the series of novels and their characters have been purchased by Deb Spera and Maria Grasso, of One Two Punch,  for ITV America.

Visit Susan’s website, or catch her on Twitter and Facebook.

Susan’s Books:

Dark Territory


Simon & Schuster Canada, January 2016

Blown Red

Philpott_Blown Red

Simon & Schuster Canada, January 2015