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By Todd Babiak

61pHouxsBRL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_Security agent Christopher Kruse lost his wife and young daughter in the south of France. In Come Barbarians he investigated and stopped the people responsible for their deaths. He has remained in France working for the ambitious mayor of Paris, wandering streets haunted by his lost family and watching over a woman and her daughter. But when a charismatic politician is murdered by a grenade attack in the Jewish quarter, Kruse catapults back into the maelstrom of organized crime and dirty politics. A young woman named Zoe, working for a shadowy division of the French clandestine services, hires Kruse and his old colleague and mentor Tzvi to hunt down and assassinate the killer. The mission leads him not to redemption but down a rabbit hole of deception, violence and unlikely romance.

With edge-of-your seat action and crackling tension, Son of France is a non-stop political thriller and engrossing new novel from the #1 bestselling author Todd Babiak.


“Babiak’s second crime fiction novel is stronger than his first, Come Barbarians. Continuing the story of private security agent Christopher Kruse, Babiak fills in the gaps for new readers. Beautiful prose carries readers into Kruse’s world as he wanders Paris’s streets alone and grieves the death of his young daughter.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“We now move past his [Kruse] origin story in a way that believably notes its catalogue of scabs. Impressionistically, imagine the depth of feeling in Catcher in the Rye — but add terrorists stripping flesh with a bolt cutter and a lot more punching.” – Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Journal


Harper Collins, March 2016


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