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McQuaig LindaCanadian journalist and best-selling author Linda McQuaig has won a national reputation for taking on the Establishment, and challenging the economic and political dogmas of our times. She is the author of a series of controversial books about politics and economics – including six Canadian national best-sellers. Since 2002, she has been an op-ed columnist for Canada’s largest circulation newspaper, the Toronto Star, as well as a frequent media commentator and public speaker. McQuaig has won a National Newspaper Award and she was awarded an Atkinson Fellowship for Journalism in Public Policy.

Noam Chomsky called one of her books an “an urgent wake-up call…a perceptive inquiry into the world’s energy system.” The National Post has described Linda McQuaig as “Canada’s Michael Moore.”

Linda’s Books with Neil Brooks:

The Trouble with Billionaires

McQuaig AND Brooks_Trouble with Billionaires

Penguin Canada, Fall 2010

Beacon, US Summer 2012

Oneworld, UK, Spring 2013

Capitan Swing Libros, Spain