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Kingsley JenniferJennifer Kingsley holds an MFA in creative non-fiction writing from the University of Victoria and was a writer at the Banff Centre for the Arts Literary Journalism program in 2010.

She has produced for CBC radio programs The Sunday Edition, Tapestry and Living Out Loud, as well as for local programming.

Jennifer has been following wildlife around for most of her life. She was interpreter for Parks Canada in the Rockies and after that, a naturalist and grizzly bear guide on the B.C. coast and finally expedition staff in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. In her spare time, she’s completed two 50-day canoe expeditions across the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, plus one in Northern Ontario.

As a naturalist and guide, Jennifer has been awarded a Parks Canada Award for Communications Excellence and an Interpretation Canada Silver Medal. She has also as an instructor for Dechinta Bush University in the Northwest Territories and as a tutorial leader and guest lecturer at the Universities of Victoria and Guelph.

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Jennifer’s Books:

Paddlenorth: A Journey Into The Heart Of The Arctic


Greystone Books, North America, France, Germany, Sept 2014