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Lundy DerekDerek Lundy is the bestselling author of The Way of a Ship, The Bloody Red Hand and Godforsaken Sea. Derek Lundy lives on Salt Spring Island, BC. 

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Derek’s Books:

Borderlands: Riding the Edge of America


Knopf, Canada, May 2010

Nominated for the Hubert Evans Non-fiction BC Book Prize

The Bloody Red Hand: A Journey Through Truth, Myth and Terror in Northern Ireland

Lundy_Bloody Red Hand

Knopf Canada, February 2006

Cape UK, February 2006 (UK title: Men That God Made Mad: A Journey Through Truth, Myth and Terror in Northern Ireland)

The Way of a Ship: A Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Day of Sail

Lundy_The Way of a Ship

Knopf Canada, 2003

HarperCollins, U.S., 2004

Cape (Random House), 2003

Chosen as one of The Globe and Mail’s Best Books of the Year

Godforsaken Sea: Racing the World’s Most Dangerous Waters

Lundy_Godforsaken Sea

Knopf Canada, Sept. 1998

Anchor, UK, 2000

Random House, US, June 2000

Delius Klassing Verlag, Germany, August 1999

#1 Bestseller