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Liên Worrall-Soriano BrandyBrandy Liên Worrall-Soriano is a writer, editor, and teacher. Through her presence on social media for her publishing and workshop company, Rabbit Fool Press, as well as for her own writing, including her cancer blog,, Brandy has reached tens of thousands of readers.

Brandy started her career in publishing at The Writer magazine, the oldest magazine for writers, located in Boston. She then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Master’s degree in Asian American Studies at UCLA. After completing her degree in 2002, she became an editor at UCLA’s Amerasia Journal, the leading academic journal for Asian American Studies. She moved to Vancouver in 2003 and began pursuing her MFA degree in Creative Writing at UBC in 2006. She received her MFA in 2012.

In Los Angeles and Vancouver, Brandy has been active in holding writing workshops and literary events. She co-edited a trilogy of chapbooks on Asian North American mixed race writing, which features over 80 writers and is being published as a comprehensive anthology.

Brandy is the owner of Rabbit Fool Press, an innovative publishing and editorial consulting company that specializes in working with new and established writers. RFP’s mission is to serve a growing community of aspiring writers with workshops that teach the craft, foster creativity and enable writers, no matter their background or experience, to achieve their full writing potential.

Her creative fundraising and activist projects have caught the attention of the media. One such example is when CBC radio and television (The National) featured “Brandy’s Boobs: The Last Hurrah,” a fundraiser at which participants decorated plaster casts of Brandy’s breasts days before her bilateral mastectomy.

Her breast cancer journey was featured on Entertainment Tonight Canada, in a two-part story in which she shared with viewers the challenges she overcame while battling cancer and her subsequent divorce. She received a “Celebrity Makeover,” which showed her post-cancer transformation. She continues to be contacted by the media to share her story and to motivate others in similar situations.

Brandy’s highly anticipated first memoir, What Doesn’t Kill Me, chronicles her journey with an aggressive, rare breast cancer at the age of 31. The book reflects on the parallels between her experiences with cancer and the subsequent demise of her marriage, and her American father’s and Vietnamese mother’s trauma and survival during and after the Vietnam War. The book crosses borders, from rural, Amish-country Pennsylvania, where she’d grown up, to Vancouver, where Brandy lived with her parents, husband, and two young children while enduring aggressive chemotherapy, radiation, and a double mastectomy.

Brandy is currently working on a second memoir, which delves into the Vietnam War stories her parents and half-sister told while she was growing up and excavates deeply buried secrets of loss and regret.

She lives in Vancouver with her husband, Anton, her three children, Chloe, Mylo, and Moxie, and their two cats, CBB and Zircon.

Brandy’s Books:

[memoir forthcoming]