KIngsley_PaddlenorthCongratulations to Jennifer Kingsley. Paddlenorth has won the 2015 NOBA book for non-fiction

In this absorbing story by Jennifer Kingsley, six friends are on a 54-day canoe journey on the Back River of northern Canada.  Kingsley captures the interactions between group members as they move northward through the stark beauty of the tundra landscape.  There are challenges, of course:  difficult whitewater, long portages, days of violent winds, and mosquitoes – swarms and swarms of mosquitoes.  But the human challenges are nearly as daunting:  how do six people, dependent upon one another and placed in close quarters day after day, get along on such a long journey?   That’s where Kingsley’s work really shines, capturing the human dynamics, the give and take, and the concessions each person needs to make to reach the journey’s end.