Simon & Schuster Canada announces the publication of What’s Happened to Politics? by Bob Rae, a timely examination of the fractured state of Canadian politics.  The book is set for release in Rae__What's Happened to Politics__Front cover (1)August 2015.

Bob Rae’s career has led him to leadership and opposition roles in both provincial and federal government, as well as in two political parties. He offers a forthright vision here for the future of Canadian politics, arguing that, as progressive citizens, we must demand a more inclusive process and educate ourselves about the realities of political parties in the twenty-first century.

As Rae notes, “This book is not a memoir or an exercise in nostalgia. It is a reflection on some lessons learned, many after defeats rather than victories. More than anything, it is meant to open a conversation, one which, as a country, we desperately need to have.”

What’s Happened to Politics? will be the touchstone book for all Canadians seeking to understand current events surrounding the next election, regardless of their political affiliation,” says Kevin Hanson, President and Publisher of the Simon & Schuster Canada Publishing Group. “Bob Rae’s absorbing argument will provoke debate and discussion across the country.”