“As well-written as it is chill-inducing. The more terrifying and unnerving aspects of the novel – and there are many – are just as important as the human element. Damned scary.”
-Brian Truitt, USA Today

“Memorable…nightmare-inducing…Pyper’s pacing is perfect. A treat for fans of intelligent treatments of the supernatural and rock-solid writing.”

“A literate supernatural thriller…As in the best horror, Pyper’s keen eye for the quotidian makes the fantastic feel plausible.”
Publishers Weekly

“Pyper’s depictions of the afterlife are visceral and frightening (especially those set on the 8 Mile strip in a desiccated, otherworldy Detroit). The midstory shift to mystery (who killed Ash, and why?) and revelation of family secrets propels the novel to a satisfying conclusion. Recommended for fans of horror and narratives of family dysfunction and supernatural psychopathy.”
Library Journal

“Is Andrew Pyper the next Stephen King?”
National Post

“Pyper’s…portrayal of Ashleigh as a twisted counterpart to the lovable protagonist is well-wrought. Danny’s quest to rid himself of Ashleigh’s spirit, and enjoy a life with his new wife and her son, comes alive under Pyper’s pen. The reader finds himself rooting for the beleaguered, sickly brother with a heart of gold tarnished by his sister’s evil soul.”
Toronto Star

“Pyper has more than mastered the art of the profluent plot and The Damned guarantees many sleepless nights…will get your heart racing without insulting your intelligence. A brilliant conceit…”
The Globe and Mail

“Pyper is good at keeping the thrills believable, scary and well-paced.”
National Post